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Function Wizard


The Function Wizard contains a list of pre-defined functions that are available for use in advanced scripting. There are some variations in the Function Editor, depending on where you are located within the application: Commerce, Configuration, Commerce Library, or Util Library.

ClosedConfiguration/Util Library Function Editor

The only difference between the Configuration Function Editor and that in the Util Library is that the latter doesn't have a tab labeled Library Functions. This is because your library functions are created in the Util Library.

ClosedUsing the Function Wizard in Configuration

ClosedCommerce Library Function Editor

The commerce library function editor looks similar to the one in Configuration, however, you will notice that the Attributes section is quite different. It allows you to select attributes for the main document, sub-document, and system attributes.

ClosedCommerce Function Editor

You may come across a BML editor in Commerce that looks like this:



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