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Create Custom Attributes for Accounts


You can customize account attributes that can be used in both the Account Search and the Search Results section. These attributes are also added to the Additional Information section that is available when creating or managing accounts.

Within Accounts, there are a set of default fields for gathering customer information. The default fields define the extent of customer data your company can collect, including general information, like customer name and ID, plus billing and shipping data and customer comments. To expand the usefulness of Accounts, FullAccess users can customize the Accounts input form with supplemental fields. Such fields appear in addition to default fields and enable your company to collect and share other types of customer data. After custom fields are administrated, they become visible on all customer records in the Information section at the bottom of the Customer Profile page. This page enables you to manage custom attributes. These attributes appear on the Account Profile page.


ClosedCreating Custom Attributes for Accounts

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Integration Platform > Accounts
  2. Click the Customize Attributes button.
  3. Click Add on the Accounts Custom Attribute List page.
  4. Enter a Name and Variable Name for the attribute.
  5. Choose the Field Type from the drop-down: String, Single Select Menu, or multi-select Menu.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Enter the values for the available fields based on data and field type: 

    Element Field Type Description
    Description All available Enter details for the attribute.
    Default Value All Available Enter a default value that will pre-populate the custom attribute.
    Required All available Select if the field must be populated when creating and/or managing an account.
    Show Field String and Single Select Menu. Select Search Page to use the attribute in an Account Search.  Select Search Results Page to use the attribute as a field in the Account Search Results.
    Menu Population Single Select Menu and multi-select Menu Populate menu values. Click here for more information.
    Filter Option Single Select Menu Use the Filter Option section to specify whether or not you want to add a filter script. If you select Define Filter Script, you need to click Define Function. This will display the function dialog box for creating that script.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Repeat Steps 1 - 8 for all custom attributes.
  10. Select one or more custom attributes and click Deploy.
  11. Click Back to return to the Accounts page.
    1. Notice that the attributes where Search Page is selected are now displayed.
  12. To Delete Custom Attributes:
  13. To re-order custom attributes and create a new order:
  14. Click Update to make the changes permanent and return to the Accounts page or click Back to return without saving changes.



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