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Defining Associations for Accounts


A single Accounts record can be associated with one or more user accounts. The purpose of associations is that they enable you to support Accounts-based functionality. Whenever the system recognizes an association between a user and an Account record, it can trigger Accounts-based functionality. For example, this would allow configuration rules to fire when the associated Account satisfies a rule's condition.

There are two types of association:

When a user logs in, the system looks for an individual association. If one exists, then that informs the system which record to associate with the user. If an individual association does not exist, the system looks for a company association for the user's company. If a company association exists, then that informs the system which record to associate with the user. If neither an individual nor a company association exists for a user, then the user is not associated with any Account record and Accounts-based functionality will not trigger.


ClosedAdding an Association

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Integration Platform > Accounts
  2. Search for an account and select its Customer ID or create a new account.
  3. Click the Associations button.
  4. Choose the Company to associate your Account to from the drop-down.
    1. The companies that will be available are the Host Company and any Buy Access Partner Organizations.
  5. Choose an individual user you would like to Associate from the Users drop-down.
  6. Choose an address from the Associated Addresses drop-down.

  7. Click Add.
  8. Repeat Steps 5-7 for all individual users.
  9. Click Update to save changes and return to the main page. You will see the Users associated with the Account now appear under Associations for the Account.
    1. Individual users accounts can only be associated with a single Account record. Similarly, company wide associations can only be defined for a single Account. New associations take effect immediately after clicking Update.

ClosedRemoving an Association

In order to associate a user account with an Account record, the user account cannot be associated with any other record. Therefore, in order to change an association, any existing association must be removed before administrating a new one.

  1. Highlight an account and click Remove.
  2. To remove all associations: Click Remove All.

  3. Click Update to save association changes.



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