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Integration Guides Overview


Integration is a term with many definitions. For software applications, it typically refers to a process that tries to link, or share, data from different software applications. These applications include CRM and ERP software.

There are many benefits to integration, including:

The CPQ Cloud application can integrate with different types of applications, in different ways.

Some integration needs can be handled by the default functionality within the software packages themselves, with some additional configuration.

Other functionality may need to be built on a custom basis, depending on the business's needs and the limitations of the software.


ClosedIntegrating with Other Software Applications

ClosedMoving Data In and Out of CPQ Cloud

There are additional ways to move data and files in CPQ Cloud. See the table below to determine which topic to open for more information.

To Move... See...
Data Tables Import & Export of Data Tables
File Manager files, such as images, .PDFs, or XSL files File Manager
Documents in Document Engine Document Migration: Document Engine
Migration changes between CPQ Cloud environments Migration Management Overview

ClosedLeveraging Third Party Apps

The following applications work with CPQ Cloud data to enhance the functionality within CPQ Cloud.

ClosedSecurity and Login

CPQ Cloud works with several other applications to leverage their expertise in application security and login functionality.

ClosedWays to Integrate


ClosedIntegration Definitions