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Data Cube Export


If you have a third party reporting or warehouse tool, you may want to export all of the data from CPQ Cloud to this tool, so you can run reports. You can also compare CPQ Cloud data with other data in your 3rd party system.

Data Cube Export gives you a way to transmit CPQ Cloud data, as a text file, to another location.


ClosedSetting up Data Cube Export

  1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
  2. Click Process Definition in the Commerce and Documents section.

    The Processes page appears.

    If Data Cube Export is enabled, a Reporting button appears on the Processes page.

    If you do not see the Reporting button, contact your Customer Success Manager to evaluate your access to the Data Cube Export feature.

    • You will need to specify where (which third party system) to send the files. The files are usually transmitted via SFTP.
    • You will also have to obtain encryption and decryption keys.
  3. Click Reporting.

    The Reporting Setup page appears.

  4. Enter the time in the Generate Reports At field and a number in the Number of days of data to export field.
  5. Click Create a New Mapping File to download the default mapping XML.

    The XML will look something like this:

    -<process var_name="TonisPizza_process">
    -<document var_name="tonispizza_line">
    <attribute var_name="_model_segment_id" db_name="bm_rt_4180720" />
    <attribute var_name="_model_segment_name" db_name="bm_4180955" />
    <attribute var_name="_model_product_line_id" db_name="bm_4180801 " />
    <attribute var_name="_model_product_line_name" db_name="bm_4180751 " />

  6. Edit the mapping file in an XML editor.

    The XML will tell you which data is included and what files it's placed in to, as well as the variable name of the columns.

  7. Update the variable names for the database ID fields.

    There should be no additional changes.

    See below, in the sample XML, for an example of the relationship between Commerce Attributes and the 3rd party database field IDs.

  8. Save the completed mapping file.
  9. Click Browse next to the Upload Mapping File button to upload the file into CPQ Cloud, and click Apply.

This is a sample snippet of XML and does not represent what might be included in your mapping file

ClosedExample XML (Upload)


-<process var_name="TonisPizza_process">

-<document var_name="tonispizza_line">

<attribute var_name="_model_segment_id" db_name="SEGMENT_ID" />

<attribute var_name="_model_segment_name" db_name="SEGMENT_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="_model_product_line_id" db_name="PRODUCT_LINE_ID" />

<attribute var_name="_model_product_line_name" db_name="PRODUCT_LINE_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="_model_id" db_name="MODEL_ID" />

<attribute var_name="_model_name" db_name="MODEL_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_size" db_name="MODEL_LINE_SIZE" />

<!--attribute var_name="config_attributes" db_name="CONFIG_ATTRIBUTES" / -->

<attribute var_name="_sequence_number" db_name="SEQUENCE_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_group" db_name="GROUP_LINE" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_price_1" db_name="PRICE_1" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_price_2 " db_name="PRICE_2" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_price_3 " db_name="PRICE_3" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_comments_1 " db_name="COMMENTS_1" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_comments_2 " db_name="COMMENTS_2" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_comments_3 " db_name="COMMENTS_3" />

<attribute var_name="_price_quantity" db_name="QUANTITY" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_list_price" db_name="LIST_PRICE" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_base_price_discount" db_name="BASE_PRICE_DISCOUNT" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_adder_discount " db_name="ADDER_DISCOUNT" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_multiplier " db_name="MULTIPLIER" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_net_price" db_name="NET_PRICE" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_profit_margin " db_name="PROFIT_MARGIN" />

<attribute var_name="tonispizza_line_sell_price" db_name="SELL_PRICE" />

-<document var_name="tonispizza_quote">

<attribute var_name="_customer_id" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_ID" />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_first_name" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_FIRST_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_last_name" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_LAST_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_company_name" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_COMPANY_NAME" />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_address_1" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_ADDRESS_1 />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_address_2" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_ADDRESS_2" />

<attribute var_name="_bill_to_city" db_name="DISTRIBUTOR_CITY" />




The variable db_name represents the customer field and will have to be populated for each corresponding CPQ Cloud attribute.



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