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Integrations and the Partner Info Page


A CPQ Cloud integration Partner refers to a software partnership between the two companies. For information about partnerships where independent third parties work with your company to quote and/or sell products, see Partner Organizations.

All Partner login information and functionality (which was at the bottom of each user’s Profile page until release 2014 R2) is now on the Partner Info page.

Access the Partner Info page by clicking Partner Info at the bottom of a user’s Profile page. This button appears for all users if a site is integrated with at least one Partner.

Depending on the types of services integrated with a CPQ Cloud site, there can be multiple tabs on the Partner Info page. For example, login credentials for a Salesforce integration, using either current CRM authentication or OAuth functionality, are on the CRM tab. The options available on this tab will differ based on the authentication method.

For more information on Partner Organizations and OAuth functionality, see Partner Info and OAuth Credentials and Partner Info Without OAuth Credentials below.

For more information on authentication for a Salesforce integration, see Salesforce Integration. For more information on OAuth authentication, see OAuth 2.0 Secure Login Functionality.

ClosedPartner Info and OAuth Credentials

If your site enables OAuth functionality, the CRM tab has a Login field and either a Generate Token or Revoke Token button. For more information on OAuth, see OAuth 2.0 Secure Login Functionality.

Manually generating an OAuth token for a user starts a Salesforce session with that user’s credentials. The admin must log out of Salesforce before manually generating a token for another user.

  • When Revoke Token is clicked, the OAuth token linked with that user is deleted from CPQ Cloud.

The Login field is cleared and the Generate Token button reappears on the Partner Info page.

If a user’s token is revoked within the CPQ Cloud site, that user will no longer be able to access the CPQ Cloud site from Salesforce. Further action may be required by an admin within Salesforce to completely invalidate a user’s Salesforce OAuth token.

The presence of the Revoke Token button does not mean the token previously generated for that user is still valid.

ClosedPartner Info Without OAuth Credentials

If your site uses current CRM authentication instead of OAuth, the CRM tab has Login and Password fields and a Check button.



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