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Oracle E-Business Suite Integration


CPQ Cloud can be integrated with the following Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications to streamline the quoting and order creation process:

The EBS Customer and EBS Order Management integrations have multiple interdependencies, so both integrations must be implemented with CPQ Cloud in order to use functionality from either integration.

Integrations with EBS Inventory On Hand Balance and EBS Material Reservation are optional add-ons to existing integrations with EBS Customer and EBS Order Management, and do not function if they are the only EBS applications integrated with CPQ Cloud.

ClosedEBS Customer (Customer Data Management/CDM)

Integration with EBS Customer allows CPQ Cloud sales users to invoke actions to retrieve customer data from EBS Customer and add it to a Transaction, eliminating manual entry and ensuring accuracy. Error messages can be displayed when a sales user enters a company name that does not exist in EBS Customer.

ClosedEBS Order Management

Integration with EBS Order Management allows CPQ Cloud sales users to create, update, and cancel orders in EBS Order Management from within a CPQ Cloud Transaction. After relevant products have been added to a Transaction and approvals have been obtained, the CPQ Cloud sales user can invoke Create Order, Update Order, Cancel Order, and Cancel Line (to cancel only certain line items on an existing order) to perform operations in EBS Order Management as needed.

ClosedEBS Inventory On Hand Balance

Integration with Inventory On Hand Balance allows CPQ Cloud sales users to check the availability of line items for simple products before an order is created. The Query Quantity action is used to check the inventory/availability of line items as stored in Inventory On Hand Balance. Validation rules can be created to prevent order creation based on inventory. Additionally, Inventory On Hand Balance can be checked upon update operations in CPQ Cloud, so that current inventory statuses are automatically sent to CPQ Cloud if line items are added or updated on a Transaction.

ClosedEBS Material Reservation

Integration with Material Reservation allows CPQ Cloud sales users to use the material reservation functionality of EBS for simple products. Once an order is created, line items can be reserved using the Reserve action within a CPQ Cloud Transaction. Upon cancellation of an entire order or of one or more line items, the Relieve or Relieve Line actions can be performed to relieve the reservation done against the order or line items, respectively.


ClosedCPQ Cloud

CPQ Cloud-EBS integrations can be implemented on any 2015 R1 or later CPQ Cloud site that has the base Reference Application deployed. A combination of Attributes, Actions, Library Functions, Step Transitions, Formulas, Rules, and Data Tables must be created within CPQ Cloud to enable EBS integrations.

Migration Packages will be released for the EBS integrations so that admins can download the components needed for integration directly to CPQ Cloud. In the meantime, detailed instructions for creating the necessary components manually on top of the base Reference Application can be found in the CPQ Cloud-EBS Integration white papers (see the RELATED TOPICS section).

ClosedE-Business Suite

Individual EBS applications must be on EBS Release 12 or later in order to integrate with CPQ Cloud. Additionally, several EBS web services must be running to enable integration. Enabling these web services requires an Internet Service Gateway (ISG) to be running on the EBS environment. See the CPQ Cloud-EBS Integration white papers (see the RELATED TOPICS section) for a complete list of necessary EBS web services.


Legacy customers that do not have the base Reference Application deployed can still integrate CPQ Cloud with EBS, but additional components must be created within CPQ Cloud.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.


This My Oracle Support page, focused on CPQ Cloud to Oracle EBS integrations, contains the following documents to assist with your CPQ Cloud-EBS integration implementation:

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