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SOAP and Web Applications Integration


Web applications integration is achieved using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages. SOAP messages are exchanged between the partner and resulting in integration with partners like Salesforce and Siebel.

To be integrated with a partner, the system FullAccess user must turn on the integration for that particular partner.

Partners change server URL sometimes, so if your integration fails during an upgrade, please verify the integration server settings with the system FullAccess user.



The ability to communicate with a partner site using XML and SOAP protocol is what is commonly termed "Web Application Integration". The system sends data to the partner system in a specific XML format and uses SOAP to transmit the data. However the XML data that generates is in a format that needs to be understood by each partner. To keep it generic, XML requests are converted to the partner format using the SOAP generator XSL. The new XML format is then wrapped in a SOAP envelope to transmit to the partner over HTTP.

Similarly, the response is received from the partner is transmitted over HTTP using SOAP. The response XML is then converted to format using a Result Parser XSL.

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