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XML and Real-Time Integration


Real-Time Integration is the mechanism that sends transaction XML to a 3rd party server when a transition rule is fired. This is the most standard, out-of-the-box CPQ Cloud functionality for implementing integration.

For more information, see Standard XML Output for the basic XML structure. See attachments for a Real-Time Integration Sample Document XML.

Integration Criteria Value
Size Large
Frequency Triggered during workflow
Format XML
Transmission Synchronization Synchronous, however CPQ Cloud can't parse the result.


ClosedSetting Up Real-Time Integration

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Integration > Integration Settings
  2. Enter the Host URL address of the Host that has to be accessed.
  3. Enter the User Name of the partner server.
    1. This is only required when posting to a site that requires a secure login.
  4. Enter the password required to access the partner server. *Only required when posting to a site that requires a secure login.
  5. Determine if you would like to enable authorization during the HTTP Post connection method by selecting:
  6. Specify whether or not to integrate Users by selecting Yes or No.
  7. Enter the connection timeout (in seconds). This indicates the duration after which the connection will be closed.
  8. Enter the maximum number of retries that are allowed.
  9. Specify the Connection Method by selecting either Web Methods or Http Post.
  10. Click Test Connection. An error will be thrown if the connection cannot be established. For example, if you use the wrong username, it will tell you that you entered the incorrect username.
  11. Click Accept to accept the information and return to the Admin Home Page or click Cancel to return to the Admin Home Page without saving changes.



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