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REST API for Data Tables


The custom{DataTable} REST API allows an external system to access deployed data in CPQ Cloud Data Tables. When executed correctly, the external system will receive the CPQ Cloud Data Table’s deployed data in the REST response body.

Currently only Read operations are supported when interacting with the custom{DataTable} API.


ClosedAccess Data Table REST API

The call must contain HTTP Basic Authentication with valid CPQ Cloud FullAccess credentials in the header, as well as the Data Table name in the URI endpoint.

custom{DataTable} API

Returns the deployed data of a CPQ Cloud Data Table.

URI Endpoint https://{siteurl}/rest/v1/custom{DataTable}{Query}
Endpoint Parameters {siteurl} The base URL of the CPQ Cloud site.
{DataTable} The name of the CPQ Cloud Data Table (first character must be capitalized).

Optional query specifications to organize or filter Data Table return data.

Query specifications that follow CPQ Cloud query and pagination parameters syntax, and query specifications that follow a subset of MongoDB syntax can be used. For more information on querying CPQ Cloud REST APIs, log in to CPQ Cloud as a FullAccess user and see the Query Specification Syntax topic in the Online Help.

For more information on MongoDB syntax, see MongoDB’s Query Documents documentation.

Headers Accept (Basic Authentication with valid CPQ Cloud FullAccess credentials)
Content-Type: application/json
Success Response

204 – Success

The Data Table’s deployed data will be in the response body.

Failure Responses

400 – Bad request

The name of the Data Table was invalid or the Data Table had not been deployed.

401 – Unauthorized

Valid CPQ Cloud FullAccess credentials were not provided in the header.

Sample URI Endpoint

ClosedData Table REST API Metadata

Admins can access a Data Table resource’s metadata schema through the Interface Catalogs. Navigate to the Interface Catalogs by clicking Admin to go to the Admin Home Page and then clicking Interface Catalogs in the Integration Platform section.

Each deployed Data Table’s resource will be listed in the Interface Catalogs using the custom{DataTable} naming format, where {DataTable} is the name of the Data Table with the first character capitalized. Clicking the name of a Data Table’s resource will open will open the metadata schema in a new window.

The metadata schema includes Data Table column names (title), column data types (type), and column descriptions (description). The following screenshot shows a sample custom{DataTable} Resource Metadata Schema.

Columns with a Float data type have their data types described as number in the metadata schema. String and Integer columns are described as string and integer respectively in the metadata schema.


For more information on the Interface Catalogs, see Interface Catalog.


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