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SOAP Commerce API with Web Services 1.0


You can generate a skeleton input for each operation of the commerce WSDL, which contains 7 operations:

For each operation, there are 3 fields that are always required in the header:

The commerce APIs provide functionality that is available through the regular bulk upload of the Asset Manager or the Real Time API provided through middleware. In addition, they will provide the ability to create a new transaction (both with and without line items).

ClosedView API Details

ClosedReturning Specific Attributes in Commerce APIs

Return specific attributes from a web service request with the <bm:return_specific_attributes /> tag. For example, you can pull in four main-document attributes and two sub-document attributes and a shortened version of the transaction XML, displaying only those attributes, will be returned. The addToTransaction, createTransaction and getTransaction APIs can return specific attributes.


ClosedAccessing Users WSDL and Generating Skeleton Input

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Integration Platform > Web Services.
  2. Click the Commerce tab.
  3. Select an API from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose a Commerce Process from the Process Name: drop-down menu.
  5. Click Generate Input to retrieve the skeleton.

ClosedLine items must start with numerical sequence

Sample Commerce APIs

ClosedcreateTransaction - Input SOAP XML

ClosedaddToTransaction - Input SOAP XML

ClosedremoveFromTransaction- Input SOAP XML

ClosedupdateTransaction - Input SOAP XML

ClosedgetTransaction - Input SOAP XML

ClosedexportFileAttachment (content)- Input SOAP XML

ClosedexportFileAttachment (metadata) - Input SOAP XML

ClosedexportFileAttachemnt (base64)

Click here.

ClosedimportFileAttachments (update) - Input SOAP XML

ClosedimportFileAttachment (delete) - Input SOAP XML

ClosedimportFileAttachment (base64)

Click here.



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