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SOAP Data Tables with Web Services 1.0


You can generate a skeleton input for each operation in the Data Tables WSDL, which contains 5 operations:

For each operation, there are 3 fields that are always required in the header:

The SOAP API endpoints for this service can only be accessed by external systems with valid CPQ Cloud Host Company FullAccess user credentials.

ClosedView API Details

ClosedSupported Basic SQL Standard Comparators


ClosedAccessing Users WSDL and Generating Skeleton Input

  1. Navigate from Admin Home Page > Integration Platform > Web Services.
  2. Click the Data Tables tab.
  3. Select an API from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose a Data Table from the Table Name: drop-down menu.
  5. Enter a Record ID, if required.
  6. Click Generate Input to retrieve the skeleton.

Sample Data Tables APIs

Closedadd- Input SOAP XML

Closedupdate- Input SOAP XML

Closeddelete - Input SOAP XML

Closedget - Input SOAP XML

Closeddeploy - Input SOAP XML

When you select deploy, you'll no longer have the option to select Punchin URL, you will just select the Product Family you wish to deploy.



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