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WSDL Overview with Web Services 1.0


To support a flexible business model, there is a need to provide a way to generate the interface for SOAP interaction in a dynamic manner. This will allow the client to define and make changes to their product, configuration and commerce details and easily generate an interface reflecting the latest changes. To suffice the above requirement, a programmatic way to generate the interface description is needed. The generated WSDL can then be used to generate a SOAP message using standard open source tools including ApacheWSDL2Java. The soap interaction can be automated using the generated WSDL.

ClosedRequired Fields

CPQ Cloud has 9 WSDLs that define the web services and how to access them. Each WSDL has required fields that must be inputted into the request. There are also required fields that are returned when a web service has successfully processed and when web service is unsuccessful. There are other fields that can be inputted or returned but are not required to have a successfully processed web service or be populated in the response back from the web service. The fields listed below are the ones that are marked as required by the WSDL. These are fields that must always be populated or are returned after a web service is executed.


ClosedTypes of WSDL

ClosedWSDL per Module

Whenever you makes changes to specific set-ups to the above-mentioned areas, this WSDL must be regenerated. Look at the table below to understand WSDL regeneration for individual sections.


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