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Exchange Rates


Exchange rates should be set up for all currencies your company supports to ensure that prices are available in the user's currency of choice when the Commerce system needs to access them. The Commerce system accesses exchange rates when a user's currency preference differs from the currency in which prices are defined.

For example, let's assume that an application supports American dollars (USD) and the Euro (EUR). Now, assume that Part A has a price of $500 and that no price is defined in Euros for this part.

When a user with EUR as their currency preference tries to buy this part, the system invokes the exchange rate rules to convert the price from USD to EUR. The converted amount is displayed as the price to the buyer.

If the part was defined with both a USD and a EUR price, then the system would display the specified EUR price. The exchange rate rules would not be invoked in that case.

To add a new currency, submit a service request on My Oracle Support. To enable (or disable) an existing currency, see Multi-Currency Support.


ClosedAdding a Currency Conversion (Exchange Rate)

  1. ClosedNavigate to the Currency Conversion Rate List page.

    1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.

    2. Click General Site Options in the General section.

      The Options-General page appears.

    1. Click Exchange Rates in the Feature Settings section.

      The Currency Conversion Rate List page appears.

  2. Click Add.

    The Add Currency Conversion Rate page appears.

  3. Choose a Target Currency.
    1. Only your application's supported currencies are available for selection.
  4. Enter a Conversion Rate.

    This is the existing rate for the currency and can be changed on a daily basis.

  5. Enter an Uplift Rate.

    This is a multiplier that is used with the conversion rate. It can be used as an administration fee.

  6. Click Add.

    The Currency Conversion appears on the rate list.

    1. To delete an exchange rate, select the checkbox corresponding to the appropriate target currency, and click Delete. The rate is deleted.



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