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Multi-Currency Support


CPQ Cloud must have a base currency that is defined during set-up. The base currency is the default currency for all users.

Once a base currency is established, Contact CPQ Cloud Ops to add additional currencies. Once added, currencies cannot be removed, but they can be disabled.

Admins can enable or disable supported currencies for either the Host Company or Partner Organizations. For information on how to do this, see the section Enabling and Disabling Currencies below.

User accounts and external company accounts can designate a currency of their preference from the currency set supported by the application.

For more information about currency exchange rates, see Exchange Rates.

ClosedPagination and Currencies

When 10 or more currencies are being used, fields will be paginated into columns to eliminate horizontal scrolling. Pagination will only occur when five or more currencies are being used in AVP Entry Manager, Price Book Associations, and Customer Specific Pricing (CSP). Five paginated columns will display at a time, each identified by its currency code. Click the left/right arrows to load the next/previous set of columns.

ClosedEnabling and Disabling Currencies

For all supported currencies, an Admin can enable and disable their use.

ClosedHost Company Currencies

ClosedPartner Organizations’ Currencies



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