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The HTML Template Editor is available in several administration areas, including company information, site customization, and product administration. The HTML Template Editor supports a subset of HTML tags and JavaScript. It verifies HTML formatting before saving data and supports only those tags that won't compromise the security of your system. The editor can be launched from administration areas whenever you see an Edit HTML template button. The tool opens in a separate browser window and provides a text dialog box for entering HTML-formatted content. Widgets within the editor enable you to quickly add images and create roll-overs. The HTML Editor also supports automatic entry of valid HTML tags.

ClosedAvailable Actions


ClosedCopying HTML

  1. Copy content from the third party editor to a text editor, such as Notepad++.
  2. Remove any visible characters that are not supported.
  3. Copy and paste the content from the text editor into the HTML Editor.
    1. Some HTML editors create invisible characters that the HTML Editor tool cannot handle.

ClosedCreating Rollovers

Roll-overs are dynamic layered images, where a top image displays by default and a bottom image displays when a user's mouse hovers over the image area. Roll-overs work best when the two images are the same size.

  1. Click Rollover on the HTML Editor page.
  2. In the Create Rollover dialog, enter two images individually.
  3. To associate an image, click Browse. This opens a separate window containing the contents of the File Manager.
  4. In the Image Browser window, select an image by clicking the image thumbprint.
  5. Enter a Name for the image. This name does not appear with the image; it is just used in the JavaScript created for the rollover.
  6. Enter a URL for the image if you want to be a hyperlink.
  7. Click OK. The JavaScript function calls for the rollover appears at the current cursor location in the text area. For security reasons, the actual JavaScript function does not display.

ClosedSpecial Characters

Certain characters are reserved by HTML to refer to the markup language. To use a reserved character as content, specify it with its entity reference. The Special Characters section of the HTML Editor enables you to bypass looking up entity references. You can quickly select a character, and automatically add its entity reference to your HTML content. To enter a special character:

  1. Highlight the character from the drop-down in the Special Characters section.
  2. Click Add. The entity reference is added at the current cursor location in the text area.

ClosedValid Tag References

The subset of HTML tags supported in the HTML Template Editor is listed in the Valid Tags reference window. You can view this list, and automatically add tags from the list. To use the valid tags reference:

  1. Click Display in the Valid Tags section.
  2. To automatically enter a tag, click a Tag Name. The tag is added at the current cursor location in the text area.



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