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Home Page Flows


The system supports a set of home page flows for the purpose of defining what items are displayed on the catalog home page. When you select a flow, you choose whether parts or products, or a combination of both, should appear on the home page. Home page flows are used to decide how the system's home page looks, and has an impact on subsequent navigation (including catalog navigation). There are flows available for supporting a parts-only catalog, products-only catalog, and a combination catalog of both products and parts.

Example: Your company supports multiple product families, you could select the flow that displays a set of product families on the home page so users can begin product searches with product family selection. Or, if your company supports a single product family, the flow that displays product lines on the home page would be more suitable because it permits users to bypass the unnecessary step of product family selection.

ClosedEnabling a Home Page Flow

  1. Select the flow description's corresponding radio button.
  2. Click Save. Template changes take effect immediately after clicking Save.


Available Commerce Home Page Flows:

ClosedMultiple Equipment Segments

ClosedParts Search & Multiple Equipment Segments

ClosedMany Product Lines within a Single Segment

ClosedParts Search & Many Product Lines within a Single Segment

ClosedA Few Product Lines within a Single Segment

ClosedParts Search & a Few Product Lines within a Single Segment

ClosedSingle Product Line

ClosedParts Search & A Single Product Line

ClosedParts Search




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