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Customize the home page of the web site using HTML and JavaScript or XSL. A FullAccess user can set up the web page in conjunction with the Home Page Flows that are made available in the Page Templates and User Interface section.

Typically, the home page serves as a portal to product selectors, model configurators, parts search, company information, general product documentation, and/or external links.

You can restrict part and catalog access to users based on different criteria. You can also set up punch-ins, a home page view with pre-set criteria.


ClosedNavigating to the Home Page Set Up page

  1. Click Admin to go to the Admin Home Page.
  2. Click Home Page in the Style and Templates section.

    The Home Page Set Up page appears.

  3. For Use, select either Standard or Custom and then click Set.

Types of Home Pages

ClosedStandard Home Page: XSL

Use a default XSL Home Page to display your products and parts. You can change what is displayed on the home page based on the user.

Click Deployment Center to deploy the latest home page data.

ClosedParts Section: Restrict Access

ClosedParts Section: Punch-ins

ClosedCatalog Section: Restrict Access

ClosedCatalog Section: Selector Punch-in

ClosedUsing the Restrict Access Rule Editor Page

ClosedCustom Home Page: HTML

ClosedCustomize your homepage using HTML

    Home Page changes take effect immediately after clicking Apply or Update.

ClosedBest Practices



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