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Site Branding


Site branding allows companies to promote their brand and provide continuity to the user.


ClosedApplying precise branding

Branding your client's site is best handled when it is done precisely.

ClosedLimiting fonts and font sizes

When developing a site, it can be tempting to take advantage of font variety as a means to make sections appear less plain. This can include using more than one font family or more than one font size on a page or section. Keep in mind the following best practices for font variation:

ClosedLimiting tabs to 1 row

Too many horizontal tabs can make a site look cluttered.

Example: Configurators with 10 horizontal tabs may look fine on a high-res monitor with the browser maximized, but on a low-res device, the tabs may wrap or get cut off. A large number of tabs can be frustrating and cumbersome to the user.

Always keep the end-user in mind when limiting tabs.



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