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Best Practices Overview

Select one of the following topics to learn more about its Best Practices:

Category Topic
Getting Started Performance Best Practices
  CPQ Cloud Features by Version
  Identifying the Site Name
  Source Control and Versioning
Browser Browser Compatibility
Styling/Images Styling Best Practices
  Image Best Practices
Error/Troubleshooting Error Handling
  Error Messages
Users Participant Profile Best Practices
JavaScript Ensure Users Are Running Latest JavaScript
  Using JavaScript in CPQ Cloud
  Using jQuery in CPQ Cloud
BML Before Beginning BML
  BML Coding Best Practices
Approval Sequences Approval Sequences Best Practices
  Approval Sequences FAQ's
Array & Attributes Array Best Practices
  Attribute Tips
  Naming Conventions for Rules, Attributes, and Variables
Strings Storing Data in Delimited Strings
Numbers Parsing Strings Into Numbers
  Application Boundaries and Magic Numbers
Shopping Cart Shopping Cart - FAQs
XLS FO to XLS (Excel)