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Participant Profile Best Practices


Participant Profiles are created for each step in the workflow. For each profile, you can define:

ClosedAssigning Users to Participant Profiles

There are 2 ways to assign users to Participant Profiles:

ClosedDefining Document Views

Document views determine what is visible to users in the participant profile. Choices for the document views depend on the entity. For tabs, the options are Show or Hide. For attributes, the choices are Read/Write, Read-Only, and Hide.

ClosedDefining Transitions and Notifications

Notifications: Notification emails can be defined for each transition; each recipient must receive the same message. Recipients can be defined using the Participant Profiles for the current step and next step, or by defining an advanced function to specify the email address.

Transitions: Transitions rules are defined per action per profile. Several transitions may be defined for the same profile and action. The first transition to evaluate as true will take effect.

ClosedPrevent Posting of Read-Only Fields

An internal property gives CPQ Cloud customers the option to prevent Commerce read-only fields from being posted back to the server after a Commerce action is invoked.

While enabling this property will have nominal impact on performance, it is recommended not to post information back to the server when the data will not have changed since it was last posted.

To enable this property, open a ticket on My Oracle Support.



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