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Mobile Overview


CPQ Cloud browser-based solution for Mobile offers customers: better security control, lower maintenance cost, and improved user experience.

Mobile users can present complete quotes to a new prospect, configure quotes, and create/edit quotes on a pre-configured or newly configured item. Quotes can be created, edited, saved, submitted, and approved.

Mobile benefits sales users, who are out in the field, the most. It improves win rate, reduces sales cycle time, and involves the end customer in a collaborative quoting experience. Organizations that leverage collaborative selling on tablets also reduce their sales expenses and differentiate themselves from their competition.

Mobile Configuration and Mobile Commerce have both similarities and differences. These are shown below.:

ClosedMobile functionality


Mobile functionality takes advantage of the native functionality of a tablet device. For example, a tablet already has an interface for date pickers, drop-downs, and number keypads.

Mobile functionality uses automated caching to enhance performance. If the cache becomes corrupted, the user receives an error message and must refresh the page.


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